Activity Log

Business suite keeps a running record of every change you make in the system, called Activity log or the Audit Log. It’s a great way of seeing every single activity performed, and by whom. 

To access this Go to Utilities > Activity Log

Email Message Log

All email messages sent by the system can be found Utilities > Email message log

Invoice Access Log

When you send an invoice and it’s viewed by your customer, it store the log, like ip, browsers etc. You will find this here.

Database status

To access current database status go to Utilities > Database status

Here you will be also backup your database. 


When cron runs, it store the logs. Here you will be able to access logs. 

Go to Utilities > CRON log to access this.

Integration Code

Integration Code under Utilities, you will find code snippet to integrate with your website. You can also use advanced integration technique, using API.

System status

You will find your system informations, like OS, PHP version, current language etc. Under Utilities > System Status.


Terminal can be used to quickly perform Development tasks. It can be accessed from Utilities > Terminal