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Email Settings

How to Configure Mail Settings in Business Suite

  1. Login to your Business Suite Dashboard
  2. Under Settings Menu choose Email Settings
  3. Fill The Settings 
    Check available drivers for the Email below
  4. Click Save

Available Email Drivers

PHP Mail

It will use the php mail() function to Send email.

When you choose the PHP mail function, you are sending email directly from your server. This can cause issues like, email could be marked as spam by the email providers. 


It will use SMTP to send email. In Email Settings chose SMTP from the Dropdown of Send Email using

System Email Default Sender Email
SMTP Host SMTP Host, e.g.
SMTP Username Username, e.g. [email protected]
SMTP Password Enter the SMTP password
SMTP Port The default port your mail server uses, e.g. 25
SMTP Secure Select the SSL type

SMTP Common Troubleshooting

SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Connection timed out (110)
That means, your server can't connect with the SMTP host. 

  • Check the port you are trying to connect with is not blocked with the Firewall.
  • Make sure the host is reachable from your server ip.
  • Finally make sure the Mail is enabled in your Server or is not blocked by server security settings.
  • If you are using Gmail SMTP, you must first allow application access to your GMAIL address


The API based drivers like Mailgun is often convenient and faster than SMTP servers. Business suite supports mailgun as Email Sending Driver. Choose mailgun from the dropdown list & select mailgun domain and mailgun API key. You must first signup & configure mailgun before using this driver. Also make sure php curl is enabled in your server. 

Other Troubleshooting Tips

How do you know if your server can send email using php mail function-

Run this simple php code and check if it works-

//sending email with the php mail()
mail('[email protected]', 'Test Subject', 'Test Body', 'From: [email protected]');