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One time fee

  • Lightweight CRM, Accounting and Billing Software
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Business Suite (Open Source)

One time fee

  • 100% Open Source
  • You can customize it based on your needs
  • You can customize & deliver this to your customer
  • Priority support (1 Year)
  • Source code editing is allowed
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Top 3 Reasons to choose CloudOnex Business Suite

One Integrated Solution. Affordable. Host on your server.



One Integrated Solution

Tired of switching between applications? Automate your sales, billing, and finance in one platform.



If you have coding knowledge, you can also change the design, customize it etc. Your license will never expire. There is nothing like having the source code at your finger tips. If you are a developer, we are sure, you will love it!



Host on your own Server

Keep your data in your own hand. Host it in your own server. Use your own brand, make it exclusive for your business.

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