Business Management Suite

Manage your entire business in one platform, pay once and set for life.

$ 59


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Basic CRM



6 Months Basic Support based on Envato Support Policy

Business Suite Standard
$ 79

One Time

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All features of iBilling +

Advanced CRM


Web to Lead

Invoicing & Quotes

Purchase and Suppliers

Project Management

Knowledge Base

Support Ticketing

Email & SMS Marketing

Product and Service Management


6 Months Standard Support

Business Suite (Open Source)
$ 249

One Time

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All features of business suite standard edition +

Priority support (1 Year)

100% Open Source

Source code editing is allowed. You can customize & deliver this to your customer.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

What is CloudOnex Business Suite?

CloudOnex business suite is a set of business software functions enabling the core business processes inside and beyond the boundaries of an organization. It comes with Billing, CRM, Accounting, Customer support everything is in one integrated system. It’s extremely flexible & modular. You can even create custom plugins, integrate with your existing system using the API. If you purchase open source edition, you are also permitted to edit the codes and add functionalities for your company.

Can I use my own domain name?

100%. It’s on premise software, you can use your own domain, own logo, own brand.

Can I use Business Suite with an existing website or it should be used on its own?

You can install it with your existing website. You can just create a sub folder in your existing website and install it.

How often are Business Suite updates released?

New versions of Business Suite, which include new features, skins, etc., are released every months. New releases are announced in our blog.

Will I be able to make code modifications in the open source edition of Business Suite by myself?

Open source edition comes with 100% open source code, so it is highly customizable. You can make any changes in the source code of the software and extend the default functionality.

If I buy the business suite do I have to pay yearly?

No. The business-suite is a one-time fee for the software, which comes with one year of free support. You do not have to pay again for the software, and your license will never expire.

What includes the downloadable items support?

We answer your questions related to the software. We update the item regularly to make sure of the ongoing compatibility.

Your payment system does not accept my credit card. Are there any alternative ways to buy Business suite?

Please chat with us, we can give you alternative payment methods to pay.

...and more reasons to love

There are more reasons to buy!

Business suite is here today because it's shaped and loved by you from years. Every features were added or improved based on our customers feedback and real life business use cases. So, you are always in the center when we update or add features. It motivates us when you tell us it helps you greatly in your business management, business decisions, and more.

One-time payment. All future updates.

Regular updates. It runs on the latest version of PHP. The UI is based on the latest version of Bootstrap.

One-stop solution. No need to buy additional software for common business tasks.

“As a business owner, I loved the unified view of my business. We can manage our day-to-day business transactions, managing customers and services. The solution is so modern and user-friendly. I am more than happy to recommend anyone looking for a business software suite.”

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