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One of the most crucial features of the admin area is controlling what particular admins can access and manage. For example, you may want to give less access to salespeople than the support operators. CloudOnex uses admin roles to implement this. You can set up admin roles under Settings->roles

Set staff account permissions

When you create a new User / Staff, you will set the Roles. You will be able to create Roles from Settings → Roles

Creating new Role

  • Go to Roles under Settings
  • Click "New Role" button-
  • Set permissions in the checkbox

Understanding Role Permissions

With following permissions checked for each modules your staff / user will be able to- 

  • View: viewing data
  • Edit: editing the data along with view
  • Create: creating data
  • Delete: deleting data
  • All data: Will be able to manage all data. All data means- Data created by logged in user + the data created by other users


You want to create a Salesman user and want to give permission for creating customers and invoice but allow only to view the invoices and customers this person created. To achieve this, you will create a Role with unchecked "All data" for the modules Sales, Customers, Companies etc. And assigned this Role to this person.