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Set staff account permissions

When you create a new User / Staff, you will set the Roles. You will be able to create Roles from Settings → Roles

Creating new Role

  • Go to Roles under Settings
  • Click "New Role" button-
  • Set permissions in the checkbox

Understanding Role Permissions

With following permissions checked for each modules your staff / user will be able to- 

  • View: viewing data
  • Edit: editing the data along with view
  • Create: creating data
  • Delete: deleting data
  • All data: Will be able to manage all data. All data means- Data created by logged in user + the data created by other users


You want to create a Salesman user and want to give permission for creating customers and invoice but allow only to view the invoices and customers this person created. To achieve this, you will create a Role with unchecked "All data" for the modules Sales, Customers, Companies etc. And assigned this Role to this person.