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Creating Invoice

Creating an invoice is one of the  most common things you do in Business, and Business suite makes creating and sending invoices easy.

  1. Click on Sales from the main menu and select New Invoice.
  2. Under Create an Invoice, you can do the following-
    • You can choose custom Invoice number, Invoice Prefix for each invoices.
    • Select a Customer from the drop down or Add new customer if needed
    • Choose a Date for the invoice (Invoice issued date) , a Due Date for payment ( Payment Terms)
    • You can add a title for the invoice
    • Add items with quantity and price
    • Select Tax from the dropdown ( Choose None, if Tax is not applicable )
    • Add invoice terms which will be shown in invoice preview, pdf etc.
  3. Click Save to Save and continue editing. Click Save & Close to Save the invoice and View the invoice

´╗┐Configure Business Suite for Indian GST

To configure Business Suite for Indian GST follow this-