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General Settings

Setting up your Business Suite

General settings

You should follow a few steps before using it to ensure your business suite is ready to run your business.

Go to Settings->General settings.  General Settings lets you change the vast majority of CloudOnex Business Suite.

  • Configure basic settings, such as your company name, address, and template.
  • Select the tax system, add default invoice terms.
  • Choose PDF font.
  • Add Payment Terms.

Google reCAPTCHA (V3)

Configure the Google reCAPTCHA settings. It will ensure the security of your system.

Other Settings

Under other settings, you can do the following.

Customer: Set up Customer Code and Prefixes
Invoice: Set up Invoice Code and Numbers
Purchase Orders: Set up Purchase Order and Number
Quote: Set Up Quote Prefix and Number
Income: Set up Income Code Prefix and Number
Expense: Set up Income Code Prefix and Number
Ticket: Set up Ticket Prefix and Number
Contact Extra Field Name: From here, you can add extra fields in the add contact form.

Insert Google Maps API Key
Insert Slack Webhook URL