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Creating and managing leads

What is Leads ?

If we describe Leads with in simple terms, a lead is an individual or company with an interest in what you are selling. The interest is expressed by sharing contact information, like an email ID, a phone number, or even a social media handle.

Here is some example how the interest can be expressed-

  • Person X called you and asked more details about your products or services. Now, you have the phone number or may be also the name of the person. Person X is not yet your customer, but Person X most probably will buy your product or service in the near future.
  • Person Y sent you an email and asking more informations for your products or services. Person Y is lead. You have email address and the name.
  • You meet Person Z in a seminar and showed interest of your products or services. Person Z gave you a business card. Person Z here is a lead.

So, here Person X, Y, Z they all are leads.

In Business suite you can easily manage those leads. You can create notes for instance about their interests, conversations etc. And you can also convert leads to customers once they commit to purchase your products. 

You will be able to access, search, sort all Leads from the Admin Panel.