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Creating a Customer Account

Your Customer

Business Suite's integrated customer management solution gives you a 360-degree view of customers-helping to improve customer satisfaction, provides you with functions and processes in the areas of customer service, customer invoices, quotes, transactions, interactions, orders etc. management.

Creating a Customer Account

To create customer Go to Customers → Add Customer 

  • You can create Company or select existing companies when creating customer. Company is optional field. Please note that, here "Company" is not your company. It's customer's company. 
  • When creating customer the only required field is "Full Name" you can add additional infos anytime.
  • To enable customer portal for this customer, you will have to Add an email / username also Password. 
  • Customer can also register themself from the Customer Portal
  • If you do not want to send "Welcome Email" uncheck the Welcome Email field checkbox

Do you want to Add custom Fields for Customers ?

Go to Settings → Custom contact fields