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To Activate go to Settings -> Choose Features and Set Yes for the Projects.

CloudOnex Project management will help project managers (PMs) and team members collaborate and meet goals on time while managing resources, tasks and budget. 

Principally, the project manager is responsible for the success or failure of a project. 

A project manager will generally have five responsibilities.  

1. Initiation of the project

2. Planning

3. Execution

4. Monitoring 

5. Closing the project

Now let's see how the features of Cloudonex Business Suite Project Management plugin will fit into these steps and help project manager to deliver a successful project efficiently. CloudOnex Business Suite project management features include project initiation, task management, time tracking, financial management, team collaboration, and many more which glides on smoothly to these five responsibilities a project manager has.

1. Project Initiation 

At the very first, you can create a project. You should fill all the fields to get a better reflection of different variables across the system. Project Lists will look like the following which will contain all the key information of the project. You can also view, edit and delete the project from the list.

2. Planning 

After initiating the project, you can view the summary of that project and make planning. A well-written project plan is really key to a successful project. With Cloudonex Business Suite Project Plugin, you can upload related files, create tasks to plan your project properly and to really inspire your team to get things done. Hence, a great plan will lead to a smooth execution.

3. Execution 

Project Manager is in charge of the execution and he can allocate tasks and determine the time of delivery. Execution depends greatly on the planning stage. Therefore, it is crucial to have a concrete plan in hand. Cloudonex Business Suite Project Plugin will help execute the project in an effortless manner as it is super simple to use the features. For this phase particularly, we have a great feature in mind which will come in the next update.   

4. Monitoring 

As teams execute their project plan, they should persistently monitor their own progress to make sure the delivery of what was promised. With CloudOnex Business Suite, teams can check tasks, timelog, gantt chart and analytics to monitor tasks to prevent delays in delivery and determine key performance signs and track variations from allocated cost and time. Besides, Gantt charts are used to highlight scheduling constraints. In short, Gantt charts will help you see the progress your team has made. This persistent observation helps keep the project moving ahead effortlessly.

5.Project Closure 

Teams close a project when they deliver the finished project to the customer. This vital step in the project lifecycle allows the team to evaluate and document the project and move on to the next one, using previous project mistakes and successes to build stronger processes and more successful teams.

Finally, with CloudOnex Business Suite you can close the project by editing the status as completed.

While project management may seem devastating at times, breaking it down into these five different stages can help your team manage even the most difficult projects and use time and resources more wisely. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Leverage the Project management plugin of CloudOnex Business Suite and be the best in your field by delivering the best project to your customer.