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About this guide

This guide is a great reference when a specific question pops up during your workday and you need a fast answer! It covers the necessary fundamentals for using CloudOnex business suite as an easy and efficient tools to manage your business and grow your company. 

Nevertheless you will also find this guide salted with illustrations and sweetened with a touch of humor. Well, all the cool terms like CRM, Accounting, ERP may be boring to many, but reading this guide does not have to make you feel like you are reading a corporate tax guide: let us try to have some fun! We promise, you will not only just learn about using this Software, you will also learn about the best practice managing your business.

What is Business Suite ?

Business Suite software is based on a common data model used to storing the data to be shared between business departments and their business processes. If you are planning to use software to manage efficiently your business,  in most case, you will be directed to pay more because you will have to use a service for Accounting, another service for CRM & you will pick another one for customer support. As a result, the total cost of ownership of the softwares grows. And here come Business suite to address these issues. 

A business suite is a set of modules enabling the core business and business support processes inside and beyond the boundaries of an organization. 

Why using Business Suite is Important ?

Knowing yourself your business and what it needs is the beginning of all wisdom.


As a business owners, keeping accurate financial records helps you understand the the business of business. Learning to read a profit and loss report and a Balance sheet help you monitor the health of your business. You'll be able to quickly determine which make you the most money and which of your products and services are your best-sellers. It will also help you track your expenses analyze exactly where you're spending money. And you will be able to make better decision which can improve cash flow and increase profits.

Using this software you will not only just uncover your best type of customers, you will also manage your customers more efficiently. 


  • Everything you need, in one place. You will not have to open multiple application, for instance to view customer profile, transaction histories, previous conversations.
  • View the complete picture of your business from one single dashboard.
  • When you have an accurate picture of your business, you can make better decisions.
  • All modules are connected & shares the same data.
  • Business suite software can be easily enhanced & it's designed in that way.
  • All modules work seamlessly together, so you can save time & effortlessly manage your business.
  • Collaborate with ease because you will not have to maintain multiple services to share with your business partners, employees.