Editing Template Files

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All template files are located in ui/theme/default/ folder.

Please note that, after editing template files directly from here will be replaced when you update. You can do this, if you think you are heavily customizing & you do not want to update.

Admin Layout File-

Admin layout template file is located in-  ui/theme/default/layouts/admin.tpl

Sample codes from Admin layout-

{if has_access($user->roleid,'orders') && ($config['orders'])}

{if ($config['orders'] eq '1')}

  • {$_L['Orders']}

  • {/if}


    Client Portal Layout File- 

    Admin layout template file is located in-  ui/theme/default/layouts/client.tpl

    Sample codes from Client Layout-

    {if ($config[‘orders’] eq ‘1’)}

  • {$_L[‘Orders’]}
  • {/if}
    By editing those files, you will be able to add / modify / reorder / remove navigation items.