CloudOnex Business Suite Version 5

CloudOnex is pleased to announce a massive software update with newly updated technology, and now the CloudOnex Business Suite is even faster to pace with the fast-moving world. Our new release update is CloudOnex Business Suite Version 5.

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Liam P

The ultimate update of CloudOnex Business Suite. 

CloudOnex Business Suite Revolutionalises how entrepreneurs run their business. In a nutshell. CloudOnex Business Suite makes entrepreneurial life easy. It has powerful capabilities you never thought were possible. It is the best Self-hosted CRM and Billing Software. 

To us, design is all about great user experience, easy to use, awesome new ideas, and innovation. In this software update, we have retained the powerful Business Suite capability to make it more consistent and more comfortable to recognize. It looks familiar, but it is also new in every detail. Unique design elements are rich and vibrant bright and calm light.

Over the years, we kept the same fundamentals but carefully added new features to meet more of your entrepreneurial needs. We at CloudOnex have always listened to our customers' feedback, and we will continuously do so. 

The new version in just one word is stunning. It has a whole new label of performance. We have refined some of the most iconic elements. It has an elegant new design with gorgeous SVG icons. We have refreshed the blueprint for almost all features such as CRM, Project Management, HRM, Client Portal, Reports. We also have updated the product page on the client portal so that your customers get a great experience while shopping with you. It is Exiting, Huh!

Let us have a look at the updated features.

Navigation and Icons

Let's take a look at the navigation. Check out how stunning the icons are and how easy it is to navigate through the features. We have updated the menu bar and updated the layout to give a little more room to breathe. Navigation can be expanded and even be closed and yet be hidden completely. You can also lock it so that it does not bother you while you work on the software.

Top Navigation

Wow! You can now even choose to have top navigation, and what is more refreshing is that you can switch on or off these features. You can change this with just a click on the control from the top right corner of any page.


It's easy to get to the customization controls. Now you can customize the theme from these controls from any pages on the top right corner. Turn on dark mode or light mode. Select between them just like that. Super easy and cool. You can change it to any theme based on your mood of the day. There are 20 themes to choose from. We have named the colors after different places in the world to give you a feel of traveling from one place to another to create momentum to be more productive.


The new dashboard has such an Eloquent style. And to give you a surprise now you can arrange the widgets the way you want to make it yours. We refreshed the design to motivate you to work harder to reach your goals. The widgets on the dashboard are stunning. All the necessary reports and comparisons can be found on the panel to get quick information about current activities.


Adding notes is easy. You can make a quick note right from the top right corner of any page so that you don't forget any of your great ideas. Write them down, folks.


Now CloudOnex Business Suite works seamlessly across any device. By any device means any type of mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Mobile-first technology has been utilized so that you can run your business from the palm of your hands.


Localization is super smooth. Enabling LTR or RTL just a click away. CloudOnex Business Suite is translated into so many languages such as Germany, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, Romanian, etc. If you want to include your local language, you can easily do it by editing the language file. You can also send the translation to us at [email protected].

Project Management

Now you can add more team members. We have added a progression bar so that you can check how far your project is finished. Now it is easy to navigate through different features.

You can even expand the panel to make it fullscreen. How cool is that?


Now your employees will be in a cool new widget so that if they have the user access to the software, they feel good about themselves. Your employees' social media handles will be there right on the widget so that now its more comfortable to connect to your employees.

We have updated the Attendance Features. Previously. It was not working correctly. Now its more comfortable to keep the attendance of your Employees.


We have updated the products page on the client portal to make it more user friendly and elegant. Now your customers will enjoy so much buying from you that they will come again and again. Keep selling with CloudOnex Business suite.

Web To Lead

Web to lead features are included with version 5 so that you can get leads from your website with CloudOnex business suite web to lead form builder. Read more here


Innovate with Plugins

We have improved our scalable architecture and included many custom technologies so that making plugins even easier. This will bring more innovations. Innovate and create a custom plugin for the CloudOnex business suite.

Learn to make plugin for Business Suite

Check available plugins

More incredible features are coming with this new look.

Enjoy using CloudOnex Business Suite and see your business growing like never before. The sleek design with all the practical functionality will make your life as an entrepreneur enjoyable and super comfortable. We are sure you would love it. 

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