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Lead Capture Form

Capture Leads Using-

  • Freebies Form
    Create lead magnets form by offering free ebooks and other freebies.

  • Demo Request Form
    Capture leads when they signup for a demo

  • Contact Form
    Create custom contact forms and convert submissions into leads.

  • Request for Quote Form
    When prospects request a Quote for your products or services, capture & categorize to audiences.

Capture Leads

Create Audinecs and Contacts smoothly.

Add leads via Built-in lead capture forms.

Capture leads with custom integrations via webhooks.

Capture leads from CSV or manually create them.

Broadcast Email & SMS

Run email and sms campaign smoothly.

Run email & SMS cmmpaign.

Track delivery via email and sms flow.

Automate your marketing & reach to the right people with Marketing CRM

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