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iBilling is the lightweight & affordable version of the CloudOnex business suite.

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Real-Time Business Intelligence

No matter what kind of business you’re in — technology, consumer goods, manufacturing or anything else. This is the Dashboard, designed for you. Spend less time on manual tasks & Start focusing on what truly matters for your business.

iBilling is your True Friend, even if you are One Man Army, you handle everything for your Business, now you can do better.

Business transactions are the interactions between businesses and their customers, vendors and others with whom they do business. It is the key element for any business. A business must record all business transactions to ensure complete and reliable information when the financial statements are prepared.
CloudOnex has innovative feature in order to maintain accurate account balances, to ensure accountability, to establish historical business activity data, and to provide information to decision-makers for determining business strategy.

Manage Your Customers

Customers are the most important people for any organisation. It is the customer who creates demand for goods and services.
CloudOnex is a platform that allows you to maintain a focus on your customer in a faster, simpler way.


  • Log customer activity, e.g. Quote request, Phone call details etc.
  • Create & Send Invoice for Customer
  • Customer Portal
  • Assign downloadable files for customers with secure url. Customer will be able to download assigned files from customer portal
  • Add orders for your service / products for your customer. Orders with orders details (e.g. Order activation details) will be shown on customer portal
  • Send Quote / Proposals for your customers
  • Send email to your customer
  • Add profile image for customer
  • Log, track transactions for your customer & customer will be able to view it from customer portal
  • Send notifications, sms using hooks
  • Add even more features using Plugins


CloudOnex Invoicing software is one of the best invoicing software in the market. It’s ready for both online & offline invoicing method. Create it, send it, get payment online. Or print it, give it to your customers. We have added innovative way to send invoice. Every invoice generates unique, secure invoice url. You can send it via email, messenger, live chat. So that customer does not need to login to view your invoice. Customer can pay invoice directly using this link.


  • Send Notification- Invoice Created, Payment reminder, Overdue notice, Payment confirmation etc.
  • Get paid faster with Online Payment gateways
  • Create invoice with wysiwyg editor
  • Add notes, payment terms in invoice
  • Add Payment to invoice, Record Partial Payment
  • View / Download PDF
  • Customizable invoice layout
  • Send SMS notification using hooks
  • Link to generate printable version of Invoice
  • Client can access all invoices from Client Portal
  • And add custom feature based on your business requirements using Plugin
Get Paid Online

Send Quote / Proposal / Estimates

Using CloudOnex, you can create beautiful quotes with the WYSIWYG editor. Customers can accept it from Client Portal or using a unique URL. Later you can convert it to an Invoice.


  • Create a quote using WYSIWYG editor
  • View / Download PDF
  • Send Email with quote
  • Convert it to invoice
  • Quote accessible from Client Portals
  • Customers can Accept or Decline Quote



Manage Orders

Manage orders for your services or products. Send order activation welcome email from your Admin Portal.

  • Create Order for your existing services or products
  • Send order activation email, e.g. Hosting Account Details, Software License Details, your Consultancy service details etc.
  • Client can access all orders related to this client from client portal
Manage Documents

Upload files / documents & assign it for Customers. Customers will be able to view this in customer portal in “Downloads” section. Customer will get secure download link. In that way you can send files to customers.


Add business events in your calendar, so that your team will never miss a business events. There are so many usage case for calendar. e.g. Add date reminder for your recurring Bills for your business, add birthday event for your employees / team members etc.

Tired of switching between applications?

Meet iBilling, the true all-in-one business management software you were waiting for, finally is here. Manage Customers, Billing, Accounting in one integrated solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chat with us, if you couldn’t find an answer to your question in the following list

Is it Open Source?

iBilling is 100% open source. If you have coding knowledge, you are free to change anything to match your requirements.

In Which Framework iBilling is Built?

We have made our own framework to match iBilling best needs & for better performance. However, we have used several libraries using PHP composer.

What are the License Terms?

You need a valid license to use this software. The regular license can be used for end products that do not charge users for access or service(access is free and there will be no monthly subscription fee). The single regular license can be used for the single end product and the end product can be used by you or your client. If you want to sell end products to multiple clients then you will need to purchase a separate license for each client. The same rule applies if you want to use the same end product on multiple domains(unique setup).

For more info on Themeforest licenses, you can check

My PHP version is 7.1.3 or lower, Can I run iBilling?

Unfortunately Not. You need PHP version 7.1.3 or newer. Upgrade your PHP to the latest version.

Will I need to pay any yearly/monthly fee for the License?

No. The license is valid for a lifetime. Your license will never expire.

How to install iBilling?

Installing iBilling is very easy and the same as Business Suite –

What are the minimum server requirements to run iBilling?

The latest version of iBilling needs PHP 7.1.3

Here is the other requirements –

  • PHP Version 7.1.3+
    • Both PDO & MySQLi Support
    • GD2 Image Library
  • MySQL Version 5.1.7 or above

I am seeing a blank page after Successful installation, how to resolve this?

Blank pages can be caused by errors or if your server doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for iBilling. To see exactly what the issue is, We will have to Print the Error Message. iBilling has a built-in Debugging Function & by simply changing a variable, iBilling will try to print the Error Message on the Screen.
You can check this documentation URL for enabling debug mode – Read more here

I want to change the theme, how can I do this?

You can create a new theme, or simply change the existing one. iBilling also has an option built in to change color appearance. You will find this in Appearance – > Customize. It’s also possible to create a fully separate theme. The theme files are located in ui/theme/ folder.

How do I change the language?

The language file is located in – application/i18n/ folder. iBilling also has a built-in option to change the language strings. Go to Appearance – > Editor & choose the language file from the left column.

How do I change the invoice layout?

You will find the invoice layout file in the application/lib/invoices/ folder. You can edit pdf-x2.php file to change the pdf layout. iBilling also has a built-in editor, you will find this – Appearance – > Editor & choose Invoice layout.

How do I backup the database?

Go to Utilities – > Database Status. You will find an option in the top right corner to download your database. You can also back up the database using phpMyAdmin or any other database administration tools.

How to change the logo?

To change your logo, Go to Appearance – > Customize & upload your new logo. Please note that sometimes it may show the old logo from the browser cache. You can test it by closing and relaunching the browser or in incognito mode.

How do I set live chat or analytics code for the client portal?

Go to appearance – > Customize & paste your javascript or any other codes.

Can I integrate it with my existing systems through API?

Yes. iBilling has API built-in. You can contact us for samples.

I have some custom requirements. Do you offer customization?

Yes, we do customization. You can discuss with us your custom needs, we will give you a Quote based on customization tasks. Also, you can hire someone to customize iBilling.

Does iBilling have a Role-Based Authentication system?

Yes, iBilling has a Role-Based Authentication System. To create a custom role, Go to Settings – > Roles. And to add role-based Users, Go to Settings – > Staff

Can I integrate with custom payment gateways?

Yes. iBilling is shipped with some common payments gateways which you will find in Settings – > Payment Gateways. We also have some payment gateways as plugins, you will find this in our portfolio. However, if you have coding knowledge you can create local payment gateways, we also offer paid customization services. We need the following information’s to give you a quote to integrate with the custom payment gateway –

  • Name of your payment gateway
  • Developer documentation URL
  • A sandbox/test access

Where do I set my own Currency?

To Manage your currency go to Settings – > Currencies. You can also set your home currency from Settings – > Localization.

Can I add additional fields in Customer?

iBilling has a built option for this, rather than editing the codes, you can do it visually, Go to Settings – > Custom Contact Fields.

I want to send an SMS to customers when they signup & when Invoice is paid, Is it possible?

Yes, iBilling has a custom hooks option, where you can integrate with SMS gateway, slack notifications, etc. You will find documentation here –

Can I install it with HTTPS?

Yes, if you have ssl. simply change the url http to https from application/config.php file.

I have another question that I didn’t find here, how do I contact?

You can chat using the chatbox in the right bottom corner. Simply add your email when chatting so that we can get back to you later if several customers are in queue or we are offline. You can also send us messages using our Envato profile page.