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How to enable demo mode

Demo mode is useful when you want to show the Demo to your website visitor. Business suite has a built-in mechanism to handle this.

When demo mode is enabled, public user will not be able to change the password and settings. 

To enable demo mode, open the file system/config.php

You will find a line-

define('APP_STAGE', 'Live');

Change Live to Demo

define('APP_STAGE', 'Demo');

Remember it's capital "D" for Demo.

How to reset demo every hour?

You might also want to reset the demo for every hour or so. To do this, you can create a cron job to access this page- your_installatio_url/?ng=demo/country_code or /demo/country_code when url rewrite is enabled.

For example, we use this to reset business suite every hour-

0 * * * *  /usr/bin/curl --silent &>/dev/null

How to generate demo data?

When demo resets, it will also create sample data. Another wonderful thing is it will create recent data means transactions and invoices date will be recent random dates.

How to enable Autologin to Demo

When demo mode is enabled, you can also use autologin like this-

/demo/admin and for client /demo/client