How to add team members?

In StartupKit, adding a team member is so simple. You can add team members as users. To add team members as a user of the software the user will have to do the following steps.

  1. Login to the software.
  2. Go to users on the left navigation.
  3. And click on add user button on top of the users table.

On top of the table you will see how many team members are added and how many are allowed in your plan. 

Please note that to be able to add users you will need to be on the plan that allows to add more than One user.

If you can not add users as a user of the software  that means either you did not select a plan yet or if you selected a plan that plan does not allow to have more than one users.

Therefore, super admin has to mention the number of users the plan will allow while creating a plan. 

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