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SaaS Getting Started

Frontend Theme

SaaS comes with some default pages.

Here is the file structures for the default pages-


In the folder you will find a file named base.tpl


This is the master layout file. You can edit this file to add new menu. editing the header and footer etc.

Here are some variables you can use in the file-

  • ​{$app_url}​​ This is the full path of the application url. Example usage- <link href="{$app_url}/ui/theme/default/css/frontend.css?ver=a{$file_build}" rel="stylesheet">
  • {$base_url} or short form {$_url} This will be converted to base url. You will use this to link pages. Example usage- {$_url}pricing This will link to the pricing page.

The javascript file is minified with name frontend.js but you will find all related files are commented in the tpl file, which will not be shown by the end user.

Latest version of Bootstrap css framework is used for the frontend theme, so you can use any component from the Bootstrap.

Using custom theme

If you do not want to use the frontend theme, like if you want to use wordpress or your own landing page, you can simply install it in sub domain like and link it From your main website-

  • Link to the login page. <Your installation url>?ng=login | Or if url rewrite is enabled it will be <Your installation url>/login
  • Link to the signup page. <Your installation url>?ng=signup | Or if url rewrite is enabled it will be <Your installation url>/register

Understanding the Super Admin

When you first install this software, it creates the default workspace ( Business ) which is owned by you & you are the super admin.
You will see some extra menu when you logged in the First workspace (Created by default when installing)
After login to the dashboard you will see the menu named “Super Admin” just after the Dashboard. You will find following sub menus-
  • Dashboard: This is the Dashboard for SaaS. Here you will find some key data like number of users, numbers of businesses. Estimate monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Latest users, Latest workspaces (Businesses)
  • Workspaces: Companies / Businesses Registered for your service. Here you will be able to activate / deactivate workspaces. 
  • Users: Registered users, here you can suspend / unsuspend a user. 

Understanding the technology, How it works

It’s designed by performance in mind. When a user signed up, it creates a workspace with unique id. And all data is identified by the workspace id.
We have tested it by generating millions of random data. Here are some benefits-
  • It is easy to maintain. 
  • True multi-tenant application, easily scalable.
  • Easy to update. If you update it, all users will get update automatically. 


Translation file is located in the system/i18n/ folder
In this folder you will find the language file with naming as language_iso_code.php
For example Swedish language file name is sv.php
Polish language file name is pl.php
Spanish language file name is es.php

Setting up Plans & Pricing

Like other SaaS, all plan starts with the Free Trial.
Your customer can choose the preferred plan within the Trial period.
You can advertise your pricing plan in the pricing page & offer them to try Free. 
To setup your plan Login to your Dashboard and go to Super Admin → Plans
[ More details coming soon ]