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Move your Business Suite to another domain

Here is the steps to move Business Suite to Another Domain

  1. Download the files of your business suite: First, you need to create a backup of your app, both your files and your database. If you have file manager in your web hosting, you can select all files and click compress / zip. 
  2. Export your database: Export your database with phpMyAdmin or any other database management tool and save a copy of the exported sql-file in a separate folder on your computer as a backup.
  3. Upload files to your new domain: Upload the zip copy of your file and extract directly in your server.
  4. Import your database: First create a new database in your new hosting & Import the backup of your database using phpMyAdmin or any other database management tool.
  5. Update Application Config: Now go to system/config.php and update the database details and application url if the application url is different.