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How to setup SMS

Configuring your system to send sms is simple. Go to SMS → Settings

Prebuilt Drivers-


Select Nexmo from the List. Enter API key & Api secret. You are done.

Sender ID: You can use your company name or your phone number. If you are using company name, the name should be maximum 11 characters.

API Key: Nexmo API Key

API Secret: Nexmo API Secret


Select Twilio from the List.

SID: Twillio SID

Token: Twillio Token

Route SMS / Route Mobile

Select Routesms from the List.

HTTP API Url: Enter http api url

Username: Routesms Username

Password: Routesms Password


Select Infobip from the List.

HTTP API Url: Enter http api url. For example-

Username: Infobip Username

Password: Infobip Password

Custom Driver

With custom driver, you can connect any sms gateway that supports http api.API Url: API end pint url. For example-  and select API method, GET or POST

And use placeholder like-


Please make sure you are using double equal like this == after the parameter name & also separate parameters with commas

If you need any help on this, you can contact with our support.