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What is CloudOnex Business Suite?

CloudOnex business suite is a set of business software functions enabling the core business processes inside and beyond the boundaries of an organization. It comes with Billing, CRM, Accounting, Customer support everything is in one integrated system. It’s extremely flexible & modular. You can even create custom plugins, integrate with your existing system using the API. If you purchase open source edition, you are also permitted to edit the codes and add functionalities for your company.

Can I use my own domain name?

100%. It’s on premise software, you can use your own domain, own logo, own brand.

Can I use Business Suite with an existing website or it should be used on its own?

You can install it with your existing website. You can just create a sub folder in your existing website and install it.

Can I upgrade from iBilling to Business Suite?

You can upgrade iBilling to Business Suite. We offer 30% discount for our existing iBilling users. Chat with us for the discount code.

How often are Business Suite updates released?

New versions of Business Suite, which include new features, skins, etc., are released every months. New releases are announced in our blog.

Will I be able to make code modifications in the open source edition of Business Suite by myself?

Open source edition comes with 100% open source code, so it is highly customizable. You can make any changes in the source code of the software and extend the default functionality.

Can I disable customer self registrations?

Yes. From Settings → Choose Features set No to Client Registration

Can I replace the CloudOnex logo with my own?

Yes, From Settings → Customize

Can I change footer copyright notice with my own company?

Yes, From Settings → General Settings. Change Application name to your company name.

Can I add custom contact fields for my customers?

You can add unlimited custom contact fields from Settings → Custom Contact Fields

How do I change default email sender?

From Settings → Email Settings, update system email.

Can I use SMTP to send email?

Yes, configure SMTP from Settings → Email Settings.

How do I change Language?

To change language, Go to Your Profile → Edit Profile & set your preferred language. You can also change the system language from Settings → Localization. Please note that some language is not translated. If you want to contribute with the translation, you can contact with us. If you improve the translation file, you can send us the translation file to us, so that we can include this on next update.

How do I change my profile picture?

To update your profile picture, Go to Your Profile on the top right corner then click Edit Profile. Upload your profile picture and click the CROP button. Finally click Save.

How do I input customer deposit against Invoice?

Go to Invoice view page, click on the Add Payment button, Choose your Bank Account. It will automatically add Transaction with relation to invoice and your bank account. Your account balance will be also reflected.

How do I track Bank Deposit against invoice by customer?

CloudOnex has an wonderful option for this. Your customer can upload Proof of Payment against invoice after depositing to your Bank Account.

Can I attach a file for an Invoice?

Yes, Just click attachment link on invoice view page. You will be able to attach file & your customer will be able to view that file.

Can I send payment reminder with SMS?

Yes, you will have to configure sms gateway for this. And you can send sms from your system.

How do I configure SMS Gateway?

Go to SMS Settings under SMS. You can configure this for any sms gateway that supports http api.
For custom sms driver follow this- API Url: API end pint url. For example-
And select API method, GET or POST
And use placeholder like-
to==,from==,message==,username==Username,password==secret Please make sure you are using double equal like this == after the parameter name & also separate parameters with commas
If you need any help on this, you can contact with our support.

Can I assign Files for my customer?

Yes, go to Customer Profile → Files and select the file you want to send your customer from the dropdown lists. You can assign as many files as you want for your customer. Your customer will be able to view & download the files from Customer Profile.

Can I send direct email to my customers from Business Suite?

Yes, go to Customer Profile → Files and select the file you want to send your customer from the dropdown lists. You can assign as many files as you want for your customer. Your customer will be able to view & download the files from Customer Profile.

How can I add custom email templates?

From Settings → Email Templates

How do I integrate with my existing software, website?

You can use API for integrations. For example, you can create customer, create invoice etc. using API. For instance we are using api internally to manage our customers.

Where do I get API integration example codes or guides?

You can contact with us for this with your usage case, we have pre made library for API. We can give you this.

How do I change theme style ?

From Appearance → Themes

Can I create custom Roles for my employee with Limited access?

Of course. You can create custom Role from Settings → Roles & when adding new user just choose the Role you have created.

How do I update my home currency?

From Settings → Localization, Select your Home Currency.

Can I send invoice with other currency ?

You can create as many currency as you want from Settings → Currencies.

How do I change default Timezone for Reporting?

To change your Timezone go to Settings → Localization

How do I add more categories for Incomes and Expenses?

You can add categories from Settings → Expense categories or Income Categories.

How do I change my domain later?

Simply backup your files and database. Upload it in your new location. If url is updated, just change the url from /system/config.php file.

Your payment system does not accept my credit card. Are there any alternative ways to buy Business suite?

Please chat with us, we can give you alternative payment methods to pay.

Do you offer refunds?

We don't offer refunds, but we do offer a fully-functional online demo, which you can test to see if CloudOnex Business Suite is right for you. Here is the Demo Page -

On what operating systems does Business Suite run?

You can install it in any operating system with php (7.3+) & mysql(5.7+) installed. You can also install it in localhost with XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP etc. And of course in your web hosting.

Does Business Suite support SSL?

Yes. All you need is an SSL enabled server and your own or a shared certificate installed on the server. If you want to enable ssl later, just change the url parameter from /system/config.php replace http with https

Can I disable some features that I do not require?

Yes, our software is extremely flexible & modular. You can enable / disable features from Settings → Choose Features.

Do you have documentation on API Integration?

Yes, you will find here-

Where can I generate API keys ?

From Settings → API Access.