Basic vs Business

Bussiness version has all the features available in Basic, plus following additional features & benefits.

Business Suite Dashboard

Dashboard with more widgets

In business version dashboard widgets are loaded asynchronously. And it works fast even with large data. Dashboard is now more powerful as it is intuitive.


Email & SMS Marketing

Built in SMS & Email Marketing. Select, Sort Customers and Send Email & SMS.

Transactions Filter

Advanced Transaction Filters

Filter your business transactions more easily with advanced options.

Invoice Widget

Track your Invoices

New widgets in Invoices view page.

Advanced Invoicing

Faster Invoice Creation

New User Interface in Invoice Creation.

POS Interface


Sell faster with built in POS.

Send Invoice via SMS

Send SMS Reminder to your Customer

Send SMS reminder to your customers with built in SMS module.

Add Supplier

Suppliers & Purchase Module

Create Suppliers and Create Purchase Orders. Send email notification to your supplier and adjust inventory. This feature can be enable or disable from Settings.

Manage Leads


Manage your leads and convert them to customers.

Send Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Send bulk SMS about your products and service to your customers. Any SMS gateway with API can be integrated.

Replying Ticket

Support Ticketing

Service your client with built in Support Ticketing feature. Also it can be integrated directly to your website, so that your customer can create support ticket directly from your website.


Knowledgebase Articles

Help your customer with knowledgebase articles.


Be more Productive

Be more productive with built in Task Management

Customer Profile

Add Fund option in Customers

Customer can use now credit balance. Also customer can Add Prepaid Fund to their account using Add Fund option & it can be used for Invoice payment.

Attach File with Invoice

Attach File with Invoice

Attach file with Invoice. If you sell digital item, that would be very helpful.

Importing Data

Import data from other Software

Easily import data from iBilling or other softwares.

Enable Disable Features

Make it yours.

It's very flexible software. If you need new feature you can add this feature. If you do not need a feature, you can disable it.