How do I configure Payment Gateways?


Liam P Posted on Mar 27 2021
Liam P

Go to Payment Gateways under Settings.

You will find a list of available payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Manual Bank Payment, etc.

When you configure only one payment gateway, it will show a Pay Now button on the Invoice-


When multiple payment gateways are configured, It will show a dropdown menu to choose which payment gateway your Customer wants to use to make the Payment.


If the Payment Gateway is PayPal, they will be directed to the PayPal-


If they choose manual bank payment, they will see the instruction that you set in the backend.


If your customers choose to pay manually, they can upload the Payment proof as an attachment or screenshot. If the page opened using a mobile device, they can take the picture using their phone and upload it directly.


When PayPal is set, they will be directed to PayPal to complete the purchase.

If the payment gateway is not listed here, you can check; we have several other premade payment gateway plugins on our website.

You can also create a custom payment gateway plugin.


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