Understanding the Invoice


Liam P Posted on Mar 29 2021
Liam P

In CloudOnex apps, an invoice is your business document issued by your company as a seller to your Customer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the items and prices for your services.

You will find the following properties in your Invoice.

Invoice Date: When either you or the system issues the Invoice.

Invoice Due Date:
When this particular Invoice is Due.

Please take note that Invoice Due Date is not the Invoice Next Renewal Date. A customer may purchase multiple items on the same Invoice, and each item may have a different renewal date. When automation runs, it will generate the Invoice again when necessary.

Invoice Status

An Invoice may have the following Status-

Draft: If you create an Invoice manually, you can keep it Draft until you ready to make it available for your Customer. Your Customer won't see your Invoice in the Portal until you change the Status.

Unpaid: Invoice is issued, and your Customer didn't pay the Invoice.

Paid: Invoice status is "Paid." The system marked it as Paid when the Customer made the payment using the payment gateway. You can also mark it as "Paid" from the admin backend.

Partially Paid: The Customer didn't make the full payment yet.

Canceled: Invoice was issued, but Customer didn't make the payment or will not make the payment. You set it Cancelled from the Admin Dashboard.


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