cPanel Sync Accounts


Liam P Posted on Mar 12 2021
Liam P

HostBilling cPanel integration now can sync accounts. It's handy when you migrate from another provider.

To get started, add your cPanel server if you didn't already.
Go to Servers under Services.

Click on the New Server, choose cPanel. Enter, hostname, username, and the API token.

Now click on the "List Accounts."


You will see a button called "Sync Accounts."Click on this button.


  • HostBilling will match the email address, and if the email address does not exist, it will create a new customer account. Please note that cPanel does not track end customer name, phone number, etc. HostBilling imports only an email address for a customer account.
  • HostBilling will create a Hosting plan if it does not exist.
  • HostBilling will create an order if it does not exist for the customer that imported.


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