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CloudOffice lets you create and share documents, spreadsheets, images, and more.

Create and Share Documents with built-in Short URLs.

No login is required to access the Shared Document.

Advanced Editor

Cloud-based image editor

Share anything with the Quick Share module, with advanced access log

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Documents, Spreadsheets, and Digital Assets create them in your own space, write ideas, and store your digital assets. Create shareable short links with analytics. You will know who opens your documents and files and from where.


Edit documents and images. Store and then manage your digital assets across your entire business. Keep your master images, edit them, scratch your ideas, and more.


The unique quick share lets you share your documents, zip files, image, and custom URL. Then, with a unique short URL, give them access to your partners, clients, and more. The bonus is that you know if they accessed and from where.


The editor,
you will Love!

You will feel joy in making documents, notes, and ideas on your document editor with CloudOffice. Create documents, and then you can also download them as Microsoft word ".docx" files, or you can share them directly as a web link.

CloudOffice Document Editor

Do more with built-in

Replace third-party spreadsheets with your very own spreadsheets that live in your hosting. You can also edit on your CloudOffice and then download it as a Microsoft Office ".xlsx" file, which means your files are compatible with third-party apps.

Image Editor

Image Editor!.

Minimalistic image editor. Upload your master images, screenshots, and ideas and then annotate, resize, and draw over your images. Then download it without replacing your original image.

CloudOffice Document Editor

And then Share like no Other!

Quick share lets you instantly share documents, zip files, your work, a referral URL, and text with a built-in Unique Short URL. And it comes with advanced open tracking that logs IP, device, time, and more.

CloudOffice Quick Share