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The customer communication platform

Cloud Support by CloudOneX is a flexible and customizable customer support platform. It's free and natively integrated with the Core OneX platform.

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Everything you need to improve visibility, communication, and teamwork to delight your customer

Tailor your customer support experience minus repetitive tasks. Build your custom workflows and automation. Even connect with external systems via API.

AI Auto Suggest

It learns from your previous response and generates replies for you. You will find all customer inquiries are neatly prioritized, organized.

Natively Connected

Natively connected with your website, you do not need to ask the customer to create another account on a third-party platform to get support.

Dynamic Canned Responses

Create dynamic canned responses, add conditions, and placeholders.

Smarter customer service platform

When your customer creates a ticket, get a full picture of your customer. On the same page, you will see customer purchase histories, pageviews, previous requests, invoices, etc.


Help customers to help themselves

Provide instant support with a well-stocked integrated self service portal.


Solve tickets faster

Help your team solve tickets faster, no matter where they are.


Support customers on any channel

Whether by phone, web, chat, or email, be there for customers in their moment of need.