Unified Sales, Marketing & CRM Solution on the Cloud
Only $49/year.

Introducing business suite cloud edition, do more by uniting commerce, financials, sales & service in a single stack that simplifies managing your business.

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Modern System Architecture
Global CDN, Powered by Google Cloud.

No installation is required. Just signup, add the activation code, and you are ready to go. You are always using the latest version. You can still use your domain, brand. No powered by, no backlink. It all yours.

Modern SaaS Architecture built with Python

Encrypted cloud storage for your data

Use your own domain

No powered by link. Use your own domain for frontend and client portal.

Free business phone number

You will get a phone number for Free with two-way messaging capabilities. It can handle both incoming and outgoing SMS.

Advanced Financial Management

Complete business accounting system.

Advanced CRM

It comes with a completely customizable, flexible CRM solution designed to suit your business requirements.


This is the gateway for the most powerful business software. Signup, so you can see Business Suite Cloud in action.

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Advanced financial management
to maximize your financial visibility and profitability

Cash flow and assets are the health of your business. Use business suite cloud to get better visibility and making financial decisions. Generate & share printable, downloadable statements for each customer and supplier.

AI Receipt Recognition

Tax Reporting

The next generation of business applications

With business suite cloud edition, get the most powerful set of business applications in the world! Drive digital transformation by breaking down data silos to connect customers, products, people, and operations.

Financial Accounting

Understand what’s happening with your business and where you should take it next & stay in control of your finances.


From customer acquisition, sending invoice, getting paid, providing service, building long-term relationships.


Deliver smarter, personalised customer support via chat, email or sms. Boost efficiency — and customer satisfaction.


Stackpie comes with the complete set of marketing tools, on a unified platform. Make informed decision & optimize your marketing programs.

Business on the move

You get same functionalities in your all devices including mobile & tab. Beautiful & familiar across all devices.

Take payments

Stop chasing money: set and forget with invoice reminders, let customers pay with automated, professional invoice payments.

Choose what you want| and hide everything else!

All the features, without all the mess. Make businesses more efficient! A seamlessly integrated business software for solving today’s most complex business challenges. Get maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense & cost savings are the beginning of the journey, not the end.