VestaCp Integration with HostBilling

                                    Liam P
Liam P

What is Vesta CP?

Vesta Cp stands for Vesta Control Panel, which is an Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel with premium features. The user interface is very clean and easy to navigate. It’s appreciated for its use of innovative technologies and regular updates.

What features does the HostBilling-Vesta CP integration plugin have?

1. Vesta CP integration plugin of HostBilling allows for selling shared hosting and automating account management.
2. It allows to bill customers creating recurring invoices, create accounts automatically.
3. The integration manages customers’ lifecycle. Admin panel allows to control and manage the hosting accounts and their billing details.
4. Customers can view and access details to their services from the self-service client portal. +more..

This plugin is available as a free plugin for HostBilling Buyers. After Buying HostBilling, contact us to download the free plugin.