UpSkill Version 1.1 Changelog

                                    Sophia S
Sophia S

UpSkill Version 1.4 changelog(September 26, 2022)

  1. Added ToyyibPay Payment Gateway.
  2. Added SEO Titles.

More exiting features are in the making.

UpSkill Version 1.2 changelog(September 15, 2022)

  1. Added video for the course presentation.
  2. Added category for the shop; you can use this to sell other kinds of products as well.
  3. Added a short description/ summary field of the lesson, shown in the course description. This is a great opportunity to tell students what they will learn in that particular lesson.
  4. Added student comment threads under courses.
  5. Added a description/bio field for users.

More features are coming soon..

UpSkill Version 1.1 changelog(August 22, 2022)

UpSkill got its first update. Thanks to our fantastic customers, supporters, well-wishers, and critics for always believing in us and enriching us with your valuable feedback and inspiration; we are determined to provide the best quality software. Let's see what we got for the very first update.

In this update, we have added some new features and solved some naughty bugs.

What's New?

  1. Added Stripe Payment Gateway.
  2. Added a new feature to be able to add duration to the lesson. You can now see the duration of each lesson. 
  3. Added an option to be able to add a file to each lesson.
  4. Added an option to protect the video from downloading by right-clicking.
  5. Added SEO title(slug) for a single course, article, and ebook.

Bugs fixes

  1. Fixed a bug in the view lesson related to updating time. 
  2. Fixed various minor bugs and improved user experience.