StartupKit Version 3.7

                                    Daniel Harper
Daniel Harper

Changelog Version 3.7.5(9 August 2023)

  • Added custom script option to user and admin panel.
  • Fixed an issue with welcome email for the new installation.
  • UI improvements. 
  • New wizard recent users on the dashboard.

More awesome features are in the making. Stay tuned!!

Changelog Version 3.7.3(14 July 2023)

  • Added a built-in email testing option.
  • Improved Email Configuration to setup email easily.

Changelog Version 3.7.2 (7 July 2023)

  • Added AI to write swot analysis. Gradually we will add AI with all other modules. 
  • Redesigned startup canvas in two columns in each row as many of you have suggested to do so.
  • Fixed database table yearly plan
  • Fixed Homepage button link in the 404 not found

We are working on some great features coming very soon. Thanks for your valuable feedback and support, we appreciate each one of our customers. You rock. 

Changelog Version 3.7 (8 June 2023)

Startupkit version 3.7 is here with many improvements, lets see in details what has been done in this update

What's New?

  • Added Email Verification option for new signups.
  • Improved Pricing Page Design.
  • Added an option in the Super Admin to edit the texts on the pricing page for an easy editing experience.


  • Fixed the icons in the subscription plan table on the super admin dashboard.
  • Added PayPal yearly plan id in the subscription plan. 
  • Security updated.
  • Fixed an issue where previously a user created by the super admin could delete the admin.
  • Performance optimization. 

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More exciting features are in the making.