StartupKit Version 3.6

                                    Daniel Harper
Daniel Harper

Changelog Version 3.6.4 (4 April 2023)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: From version 3.6.4 you must have php version 8.1> 

  • Integrated with OpenAI. Now the users can write their business model canvas with the help of AI. Writing a business model canvas can be a time-consuming process, but with the help of ChatGPT, you can quickly and easily create a canvas that accurately represents your business idea. Plan fast and take action faster with the power of AI.
  • To enable the feature login to the super admin portal and go to settings and scroll down to OpenAI API Settings and put your OpenAI API.

When you do it, the AI button will appear in the design business model section.

Now to add the business model , it will open a modal where you first select the related product as follows. Cool huh!!!!

Now, Enjoy the power of AI

More exciting features are in the making and coming soon.......

Changelog Version 3.6.2 (9 March 2023)

  • Added Paystack Payment Gateway.  To configure paystack follow this how-to-configure-paystack-for-subscription
  • Added an option to suspend the workspace.
  • Added an option to view the workspace details.
  • Added account status on the workspace table to check if the account is active. 

Changelog Version 3.6 (28 January 2023)

Hello guys! hope you all are doing well, we are glad to publish another amazing update. Thanks for all your love and support. Let's see whats new in this update.

Whats New

  • Added Gantt Chart for the tasks. 
  • Added an option to search the business models. Now it's super easy to find your business models. 

  • Added an option to search the startup canvas. Now it's super easy to find your business models. 
  • Added an option to update the meta description for SEO purposes from settings.
  • Added an option for updating the custom script to add google analytics code or integrate a third-party chat app.
  • Added an option to broadcast notices or messages to all users by the super admin. To create the notice, login in super admin portal, click on the notice board on the left navigation. Then click on add new notice in the top right corner as shown below.


More exciting features are in the making.

Documentation on how to update check  here