Startupkit version 3.5.0 changelog

                                    Emma Florence
Emma Florence

Changelog Version 3.5.2 (9 December, 2022)

What's New

  • Added an option in the settings to be able to update the favicon of the website. To update the favicon go to settings and upload the favicon.
  • Added an option to set up offline pay via bank instruction. To set up the bank payment option login to the super admin portal and configure the bank payment option. 
  • Design improvement in the blog page.
  • Added 404 error page
  • Added frontend navigation to the login and signup page for an easy browsing experience for the users.

More awesome features are coming soon that we are really excited about.

Changelog Version 3.5 (14 November, 2022)

This is a major update consisting of many new features. Let's see in detail what has been added in this update. 

What's New

  • Added an option to change the language of the landing page. Now super admin can set the language of the landing page from settings. 
  • Integrated with google reCaptcha. To set the reCaptcha go to settings then click on reCaptcha settings and put the site key and secret key. 
  • Added Slovak Language file. Thanks to Ivan Polakovič for contributing the language. 
  • Added  Chinese(Taiwan)  language file. Thanks to Eric Tung for your continuous contribution. 
  • Added Blog Page. Now you can write blog posts on your website. You can write articles on the world business ecosystem or educate your visitors sharing your business knowledge. Blogging is a great way to rank high on google. To write blogs, log in to your super admin portal then go to Blogs on the left navigation.
  • Added Cookie Policy Page. To add a cookie policy page on your website log in to the super admin portal and click on Cookie Policy.