StartupKit Version 3

                                    Lisa Barera
Lisa Barera

Changelog Version 3.2 (18 October, 2022)

In this update, we have added some new features and improved existing features. Let's see in detail what has been added in this update.

What's New

  • Added One Page marketing plan. One page marketing plan is a great marketing plan template for lean startups as it helps find out the key factors that play the most important role in marketing.
  • Added Spanish translation. Thanks to Leonardo Alzate for contributing the language file.
  • Added an option to upload a file in the business plan.
  • Various improvements in terms of design and performance.

Changelog Version 3 (12 September, 2022)

Version 3 is launched with the most requested features, kanban boards. Now managing tasks is even more fun with visual boards. A nicely designed kanban will inspire the users to finish their tasks even quicker and it will help them become more productive.

What's New

  • Added beautifully designed kanban boards for tasks. The task card contains the title of the tasks, description, assigned person's name, avatar and due date. Users can edit the tasks by clicking on the task card. 
  • Tasks have both the table and kanban view. The status can be updated from the status dropdown button from the table. Besides, the status automatically updates when you move the tasks from one board to another
  • Added avatar with the name of the task assignee. 
  • Improved some UI issues. 
  • Fixed alignment issues of the group avatars in the product planning page and dashboard.
  • Fixed the avatar size of the tasks on the dashboard.
  • Improved overall performance.

More Exiting features coming soon..