StartupKit Version 1.2 Changelog

                                    Emma Florence
Emma Florence

Changelog 1.2.5 (6th May 2022)

What's New?

Added Chinese Translation, Thanks to Eric Tung.

Added Brazillian Portuguese Translation, Thanks to Pedrofreitasjr.

Added an option so that users can see for how many days the free trial will last.

Added an option to be able to create a free plan and put the amount to 0 from the super admin.

Added an option to be able to cancel the subscription by the user.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with the edit user.

Changelog 1.2.2

What's New?

Added a new feature called the PEST analysis. After getting the feature request from our customer we quickly researched and found it to be a trending analysis.

Added an option to print the SWOT Analysis.

Added an option to choose the timezone from the profile section. To change the timezone navigate to the profile and choose the timezone from the dropdowns of the timezone field.

Added a new feature called Ideation Canvas where users can draw and come up with ideas thats been in their head for so long. Users can use this tool in various ways to do the initial prototype of a particular project.

Changelog 1.2.1

What's New

Added Email settings in the super admin portal so that super admin can set up the email to send welcome email and for forgot password.

Added French Translation. Thanks to Ilian Petrov.

Bug Fixes

Bug related to logo that the logo was previously showing on the dashboard page only.

Changelog 1. 2

What's New

Added an option for super Admin to define how many users each plan can have.

Added an option for Super Admin to assign plans to the workspaces manually.

Added logo to Business plan.

Added an option to print  Business Plan.

Added an option in settings to set Currency.

Added two more columns to show the plan and status of the workspaces under recent Workspaces in the Super Admin Dashboard.

Added Edit and Delete option in the recent users table in the dashboard.

Improved the User Interface.

Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue with tasks where you could see all tasks on the platform not your company’ tasks.

Fixed the issue with product planning where you could see all other tenants/users on the system.

Staff can not delete the admin.