How to get Shopify API for your private app? Integrate your Shopify store with CloudOnex Business Suite.

                                    Lisa Barera
Lisa Barera

If you are using Shopify for your eCommerce business and CloudOnex Business Suite as your CRM, great as now you can integrate your Shopify store with CloudOnex business suite.
Let's learn first how you can get the Shopify API from your Shopify account for your private app. First, log in to your Shopify account. Now go to Apps, from there, click on Manage Private apps.

When you do that, you get the following interface.

From here, as shown on the image, you can create a new private app, or if you already made one, you can click on the private app name and access the information of the app.

You should put the emergency email address so that you know any changes made with the API. Now you can access the admin API key and password. You will need this to integrate with the CloudOnex Shopify Plugin.

Now comes the essential part, without which you will get an error message, and that is Admin API Permission. You must give read and write permissions.

After giving the permissions, you are all set up to integrate with the Shopify plugin.
Install the Shopify plugin, go to Plugins, and now drag and drop the file and click on the install button. You will now see the Shopify plugin on the navigation.

Go to the plugin settings and add the store. To add the store, you will need the API key and password. Now you are all set up.

See, all your customers are synced.

All your products are synced.

All of your orders are synced.

Now manage your Shopify customers efficiently and give them better support to grow your business like never before.

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