Focus SaaS Version 2.3.0

This article will contain all the changelog of version 2.3.0 . So check this article to see the changelog from 2.3.0 to 2.3.9.

                                    Sophia S
Sophia S


Major update:

Focus SaaS changelog version 2.3.2 (6 August, 2022)

In this update, we have significantly improved the features and style preferences. A lot of you guys liked the design of the normal focus; we have heard you and made a feature so that you can choose between the dark and the transparent sidebar. Let's see in detail what has been the changes in this update.

What's New

Theme Color

Added a new feature in the super admin settings so that you can choose between two sidebar colors, dark and transparent.


Paypal Payment Gateway

Added Paypal Payment Gateway.


Vision Board Categories

Another cool feature ?? VISION BOARD CATEGORIES YAAAYYYYYYYYY, It's so cool.

We have added vision board categories now. User can categorize their vision board in a more organized way; for example, you can have a vision board for your dream home, outfit ideas, workplace, traveling, and whatever you like. 


More awesome features are coming soon. 


Focus SaaS Changelog Version 2.3.0 (July 1st, 2022)

This update contains bug fixes and responsive issues fixes, ui improvements and new features. Let's follow the changes below. 

Whats New?

  • Added search box and pagination on the goal list page. It will help you to quickly search for a goal.
  • Redesigned Dashboard UI.
  • Added search box and pagination on the user list in the super admin portal. It's needed to find a user when you have a lot more users.
  • Added search box and pagination on the workspace list in the super admin portal.
  • Fixed Top Navigation on the landing page.
    Improved UI and fixed various responsive issues on some pages.
  • Added a new sidebar to match it with the normal version.
  • More Exciting new features are in the making…

Bug Fixes

  • Solved a responsive issue regarding the landing page previously in the mobile version the navigation was not visible.
  • Currency issue on the user billing page.
  • Various minor bug fixes.