Focus SaaS changelog version 2.6

                                    Lisa Barera
Lisa Barera

Focus SaaS changelog version 2.6.3 (26 June 2023)

Focus SaaS version 2.6.3 has been released.  

  • Improved Pricing Page Design.
  • Added error pages.
  • Now the users on free trial will be automatically assigned to the free plan upon completion of free trials. 

More exciting features are coming soon, stay tuned.

Focus SaaS changelog version 2.6 (1 June 2023)

Focus SaaS version 2.6 has been released.  

Let's see in detail what has been added in this update. 

What's New

  • Integrated with google reCaptcha. To set the reCaptcha go to settings then click on reCaptcha settings and put the site key and secret key. 
  • Now To-dos will be removed from dashboard once marked completed.
  • Calendar events will now be sorted based on the date on the dashboard.

More exciting features are in the making. stay tuned.