Have a WooCommerce Store? You really want a CRM Software that is integrated with the store.

                                    Benjamin William
Benjamin William

WooCommerce does a fantastic job in managing and selling your products; however, it's built-in features for customer management lack the essential options to better manage your business. You only get an interface that lets you just see basic customer information and previous orders. However, that's pretty much it as far as WooCommerce customer relationship manager features can go.

Fortunately, It's possible to integrate WooCommerce with your own customer relationship management software (CRM). The CRM integrated with WooCommerce will give you more information on each customer, more options to market to them or offer them better customer support, and lots of other useful tools to help you improve your customer relationships. Therefore, you should look for a CRM that can be integrated with WooCommerce.

Following are the most important benefits of using a WooCommerce integrated CRM. 

360-degree view of your customer

A good WooCommerce CRM should help you connect with your customers. If it does that right, this can help you grow your business rapidly because it will be easier to market to your customer more effectively. A good CRM has a dedicated profile for each customer, which is not available in WooCoomerce. Therefore, You can Leverage the power of a good CRM to get an overall idea of your customer, and it will eventually help you to make better decisions.

Better customer support

To provide better support to your WooCommerce customers, you should use software that has a support ticketing feature. It will make your life a lot easier. We think, you want to give great support to your customer. However, for not having proper ticketing options in WooCommerce, you are stuck. So, my friend, you will offer yourself a favor if you use a CRM with your WooCommerce Store. You can offer great personalized support.

Better marketing

A CRM should have marketing features, most importantly, Email Marketing, to take the benefit of all the customer information you have. Thus, if your CRM has marketing features, you can better market to your WooCommerce customer when you have an offer or deal your customer might be interested in. WooCommerce does not have an email feature built-in, so; you should benefit from a good CRM that offers that.

Increased sales

When you have done better marketing and provided extraordinary personalized customer support, your sales will start to grow at a rapid speed. The reason is so simple that customers need care; you do it right; they will make your life.

Two features you must look for when you decide to use a CRM integrated with WooCommerce.

Automatic syncing – you want a simple way to sync all of your customer data between your CRM and WooCommerce store so that you never need to import/export data manually. Along with customer details, you'll want to sync orders and order status, and so on.

Customer grouping – you'll want to be able to create detailed segments based on users' behavior. For instance, grouping your valuable customers or customers who purchased a certain product.

CloudOnex Business Suite WooCommerce Plugin

CloudOnex Business Suite is a popular self-hosted CRM that offers the features you want to manage your business effectively. With the WooCommerce plugin, you'll be able to sync all of your WooCommerce store's customers and order data to the business suite CRM. 

It starts with a dedicated summary dashboard that lets you track your stores' overall performance, such as total sales and total orders. Each customer at your store also gets their own individual profile, which has all the information about them.

Finally, if you use the CloudOnex business suite WooCommerce plugin, you'll be able to access all the data from WooCommerce and put it in the advanced CRM to better manage the whole business under one roof. That makes it easier to support customers; you can also use all of this information and activity to create segments and set up marketing automation rules. You can also use your data to help you create and analyze advertising campaigns.

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