CloudOnex CRM: Features and Benefits

                                    Liam P
Liam P

What is CRM?

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management. It is a policy that companies use to manage communication with customers and leads. However, when people talk about CRM, they usually think of CRM software. CRM software is a data-centric software solution that helps companies improve their interaction with their customers, leads. CRM software helps you manage and build customer relationships, increase sales, automate marketing, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

CloudOnex CRM features

Contact Management

Contact management is the most crucial feature of a CRM system. Cloudonex CRM touches upon every single aspect of contact management. It manages contacts of customers, companies, leads, suppliers, etc.

Customer Account

Customer account holds all the critical information of a customer lifecycle. Creating a customer account is not only comfortable but enjoyable. To create customer Go to Customers → Add Customer. While creating customers, the only required field is "Full Name" you can add additional information later anytime. To enable the customer portal for this customer, you will have to add an email/username and also a password. Customers can also register themselves from the Customer Portal. If you do not want to send "Welcome Email" uncheck the Welcome Email field checkbox.

Custom Fields for Customers

Besides all the default fields, you can add custom contact fields to go to Settings → Custom contact fields.

Import customers

You can import customers from CSV files. It becomes easy if you want to import customers from other software.

Export Customers

You can export customers in excel, CSV, Download the customer list in pdf, and print the file.


The summary of contact contains all the critical contact details of the customer. From this panel, you can check how much money was earned from the customer and how much expense was involved. The profit from the customer.

Add or return Fund

You can add or return funds from this panel.You can also log in as a customer from here to see how your customer will experience in the customer portal.

Contact Notes

Creating notes on each customer becomes helpful to remind specific tasks regarding the customer. You can also write a quick note on the customer.
Activity. Here you can keep track of the specific events regarding the customer. All the activities will be shown in a timeline here. This feature helps to analyze the interaction of the customer.


Here you can keep track of the specific events regarding the customer. All the activities will be shown in a timeline here. This feature helps to analyze the interaction of the customer.


Leads are individuals or companies who have an interest in what you are selling. The interest is expressed by sharing contact information, such as an email ID, a phone number, or even a social media handle.With CloudOnex Business Suite, you can manage those leads efficiently. You can create notes about their interests, communications, etc. And you can also convert leads to customers once they commit to purchasing your products. You will be able to access, search, sort all Leads from the Admin Panel.
Web To lead form: You can create leads without even knowing from your website by creating a web-to-lead form with CloudOnex web-to-lead form builder. 


Sales Management

Under sales management, you have several necessary features, such as invoice, quotes, transactions, files, email, etc.


Related invoices will be shown here. You can also create an invoice and recurring invoice from the right panel. A summary of the income from invoices is also present here. Such as Total Invoice Amount, Total Paid Amount, Total Un Paid Amount.


Like Invoices, Related quotes will be shown under Quotes.


You can upload files for the customer. Customers can also upload files for you from the customer portal.


Related transactions will be shown here. From here, you can also manage transactions.


Under Email You can send an email, you can choose from pre-written email templates.


Customers log, such as when customers logged in his/her portal, will be shown here.

Password Manager

If your nature of work requires you to log in to any system for your customer to check on technical issues such as team viewer or server details to fix customers' concerns, with your customers' permission, you can do that.

Credit Card Information

You can also, of course, with clients' permission, can keep credit card information. If you take recurring payments, this can be a useful feature for you.


From edit, you can edit all the information about the customer.


Due to GDPR, the customer can edit their personal information from the client portal.


From here, you can upload a profile image of the customer. You can also keep customers' social profiles synch as Facebook, Linkedin.

Company contact

You can add individual customers, or you can add customers under a "Company." To create and manage companies, Go to Customers → Companies. Here, you can write memo/notes for this company, view all the customers under these companies, View invoices, orders, transactions, quotes, etc. for this company. If you do not want this feature, you can disable it from Settings → Choose Features. By disabling this, the Companies menu will be disappeared and will not be shown in the Dashboard.


You can make different groups of customers. By grouping them, you can send them promotional Emails or send newsletters.

Productivity management

Tasks and calendar feature will help you to track productivity. A kanban task features help you visualize your tasks lifecycle from not started to complete. The unique design will motivate you to finish the tasks fast. You can maintain a productivity calendar and set events. By using a calendar feature, you will never miss any important task.

Top 10 benefits and advantages of CloudOnex CRM include:

1. Strengthened contact management
2. Intense team collaboration
3. Increased productivity
4. Entitled and powerful sales management
5. Accurate sales forecasting
6. Reliable reporting
7. Improved sales metrics
8. Increased customer satisfaction and retention
9. Boosted marketing ROI
10. Enriched management of products and services