CloudOnex Business Suite v 2.9.6 has been Released

                                    Razib M
Razib M

Version 2.9.6, Released: Oct 26, 2018

  • Added: Option to remove groups and companies column from the Contact list. To enable / disable this go to Settings - > Choose Features
  • Added: Filter & sort option in list companies.
  • Added option to send automatic sms notification when Ticket is assigned to a Staff
  • Fixed: Convert to Invoice from Ticket will be shown only if the user has permission to edit Sales (in Roles)
  • Improvement: Ticket assign to dropdown is now searchable, useful when you have many users
  • Fixed some user Roles issue in various pages
  • Fixed an issue with initial balance is not adding up when using multiple currencies
  • Added Alanood SMS Gateway for UAE customers
  • Added SMS Type when sending single sms [Text, Unicode, Flash etc.]

### Version 2.9.5, Released: Oct 24, 2018

* Minor update