Business Suite Grand Update Version 8

                                    Daniel Harper
Daniel Harper

Business Suite Grand Update Version 8 Ada

Business Suite is CloudOnex’s most loved software, completely reimagined how business management software should be. The business suite is exceptionally fast and powerful. With features like

  • CRM,
  • Accounting,
  • Project Management,
  • Support ticketing,
  • Leads,
  • Subscriptions Management,
  • Bulk Email Marketing
  • Product and services Management, 
  • Order Management
  • Contract and many more.

You have all the features you need to run your business efficiently. You can switch on and off the features according to your preferences. Business Suite is the most capable Business management software ever. It's being used in 15+ languages and loved by thousands of businesses around the world. 

Each year we post a grand update, and this year's grand update is Version 8, and we named it Ada honoring the first computer programmer Ada Lovelace. Did you know the first computer programmer was a woman? No worries, now you know. 

We have been working on version 8 for quite a while and posted many mini updates throughout the year to make it easier to update. Let's dig dipper what we have done in this awesome update. 

Newest Technologies and Libraries

If you don't evolve with time and keep using the same old backdated stuff to manage your most precious business just because it's comfortable, guess what? There will be a time when those comfortable things will no longer be relevant. Changing, improving, and evolving with time is not only great for your success but necessary to stay relevant.

Here at CloudOnex, We believe in taking risks and going out of our comfort zone; we are never afraid to innovate and think outside the box.

In this update, we have updated all the libraries, including PHP. So from this update,, your server should be compatible with PHP 8.0 + to run the business suite. This will improve the performance significantly. 


We have updated the theme in bootstrap's latest version 5, which gives it a smooth and effortless experience to use the software. It's now faster, better, and more secure. For those who are willing to customize the source code, it will even help you better so that you can choose design elements from bootstrap and use it seamlessly without any breaking. 

Improved Dark Mode

In the last update, we added a wonderful dark mode theme option to work at night without hurting your eyes. In this update, we have made it even better based on our customers' feedback.  

New Light mode theme

We have improved the light mode theme and made it more soothing and modern to inspire you to be more productive and grow your business. In this light mode, we have changed some button colors to match the overall theme and make it look modern, as changing with time is our favorite thing to do. 

Project Management

In this update, you will get a new table view of the projects with a search box to view and search the projects quickly and more efficiently. Previously there was only a card view. So managing projects is even easier and more fun.

Advanced Subscription

We have improved the subscription features by adding the subscriptions in the client portal so that clients can subscribe to your service directly from the customer portal. We have added a cool new design for the pricing list of the plans to choose from. 

Advanced Reporting

Some cool new filtering options were added to the reporting, including sales reports by staff and payment methods.

Improved Credit Notes

In this update, we have improved the credit note features. Now it's super easy to manage your refunds.  

Improved Localization

We have improved the translation by adding the string to the translatable variables so that no strings are left untranslated. 

Automatic update

Now you can update automatically from the admin. To update, go to settings-> about and check if an update is available, then click on update. However, keep backup before performing updates, be it manual or automatic it's a great habit to stay safe.

More features will be added in this version 8 series; our focus is on stock management and marketing features. Stay connected to stay updated.

Bug Fixes

Fixed Group email issue. 

Fixed Expense Reports issue.

Fixed filter by category. 

More minor bug fixes.