Business Suite V7

CloudOnex Business Suite version 7 has finally arrived with great new skins and features. This release offers awesome powerful features that have been requested by our fabulous customers. We are so happy to finally release this update, we love it, we are sure you will love it too.

                                    Liam P
Liam P

The wait is over. Business suite version 7 is available now.

Let's explore what's new in the v7.

Dark Mode

First, the all-new dark mode is available now. Some of you are so in love with the dark mode that you can't live without it. Our design team followed the best standard to ensure the new dashboard will comfort your eyes and save your device battery life.

To see how it works, Go to User Interface under The Appearance Menu and then Enable it. We are confident you will love it.

Now, let's talk about the business.


First, business suite v7 now has the built-in contract feature.

So, what is a Contract, anyway. A contract is a legally binding agreement between parties. In the business suite, you can use it to make contracts between you and your customers.

Digital Signature 

In addition, it comes with a brilliant digital signature pad that you can use to capture signatures from your clients, and then you can allow it to download as a PDF.

Finally, the dashboard will give you a quick look at which contracts are expiring, numbers, and which contracts require review.

QR Code on the Invoice

In version 7, we have incorporated QR Code on the invoice. The incorporation of QR codes into invoice will allow your customers to pay and verify the invoice very quickly.


The second feature we are excited about is the all-new Subscriptions management. It includes a quick sell option. So, now you can sell your recurring services more conveniently. The short link option allows you to send the subscription item link via email, messenger, or SMS. Your customers can subscribe to your items with the built-in customizable landing page.

Automatic Payment

The payment gateway integrations with the Subscription will allow you to capture the payment automatically. Awesome, right?

Role Based Access

As always, when we do things, we try to do them right.

So, the powerful role-based access allows you to control each module. In addition, if any of the features you do not require, turn them off from the "Choose Features" under the "Settings."

Custom client portal theme is one of the most requested features. So, we listened to you, and it's live now in v7. It will give you many possibilities to make a customer portal that follows your choice and brand guidelines. The documentation about how to create a custom customer portal is available on our website.

This release also includes code optimizations and security improvements.

Finally, thanks to all our customers. The CloudOneX business-suite application would not be possible without your feedback and supports. It amazes us when we see thousands of businesses use it for their day-to-day business operations and when we hear it helps them achieve their goal.

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