Business Suite v 3.1

                                    Razib M
Razib M

Improved design for Invoice

Our invoicing system is very popular. You can simply send the direct invoice link to your customer and your customer can pay the invoice even without login to the client portal. We found this is very efficient & faster way to get paid. It saves both your and your customers time. We have improved the design for the invoice preview.

Stripe V3

We have implemented Stripe's new api and implemented new on page invoice payment means, your customer will not have to leave the invoice page to make the payment. If you use Stripe payment gateway, now your customer will get more better experience, you can have a look on this video, how it will work-

New: Update your business suite directly from the CloudOnex Dashboard

Now you can update your business suite directly from cloudonex dashboard. Not just update, you can also create database and files backup directly from the portal & everything is powered by Business suite API.

Why ?
Some of our customer offers or resells this software to their own customers and they don't like automatic updates or any about page with the name "CloudOnex". That's why we build this tool, so that you can update the software remotely.

How ?
Simply login to the dashboard - & visit the Update Tools. You will have to create an API from your Business Suite & add this here.

Improved multi currency supports

We are working on several improvements for multi currencies. More details will be available soon.

And that's not all

We want to share that we have the biggest plan for the Business Suite V4. Here are the few what's we are baking for V4-

Signature in invoice- You customer would be able to sign in the Invoice. Here is the screenshot how it would look like this-

More coming soon...