Advanced HRM plugin for CloudOnex Business Suite: Manage your people the right way to increase your company's productivity.

                                    Emma Florence
Emma Florence

What is HRM?

HRM stands for Human Resource Management. HRM has been adopted in many organizations worldwide. It is a set of concepts and tools for the management of people in organizations. If organizations fail to make full use of their employees' potential, they will perform poorly, and the company's existence will be threatened in today's highly competitive world. Therefore, a robust HRM software is a must to manage employees properly and inspire them to give their best. 

What features Advanced HRM plugin have?

Advanced HRM plugin offers advanced features to manage your organization's people in an efficient, organized, and easy way. Following are the features that are currently available with an endless possibility to add more.

Employee Management
    Employee Profile
    Attendance & Timesheet
    Warning & Resignation
    Trip, Award, and Promotion
    Company Policy
    Notice Board

Recruitment Management
    Create Job Announcement
    Job candidates can apply for the job online
    Admin can shortlist or reject the applicant

Leave Management
    Add Leave type
    Employees can apply for Leave from their portal
    Admin can either Approve or Decline the Leave
    Admin can also issue Leave from Admin Side

Payroll Management
    Run Payroll
    Generate Professional Payslip
    Send payslip digitally

Training & Development
     Add Trainer
     Provide Training to your Employee

Employee Self-Service Portal

     The employee can Clock In & out
     Apply for Leave
     Apply for Resignation
     Check Company Policy

Employee Management

An employee's entire life cycle can be managed in a single omnichannel platform from recruitment to resignation. You can manage departments and designations. This plugin also allows you to give promotions and issue awards to your best employees.

Managing Attendance is super easy with this advanced plugin as employees have their own portal, from where they can clock in & clock out. This feature gives you an accurate real-time attendance report. The IP address of the employee can also be saved so that you can locate your employees.

Likewise, managing Trips is super simple; you just choose your employee, add location and date. Employees can check their trips on their portal. Like Promotion and award, you can also warn your employees using the warning feature. Resignation can also be managed very easily. Employees can apply for resignation from their portal; admins can also create resignation.

Recruitment Management

Recruitment and selection are critical to every company. A firm is only as good as the people it recruits. If it cannot attract talented people, the company may fail to meet its corporate objectives. The company's performance, then, depends on its ability to attract a qualified workforce through effective recruitment strategies.

Besides, recruiters must think more creatively when attempting to attract a diverse workforce. The Recruitment process has to be smooth so that talent feels confident when they apply for the job.

This plugin offers a smooth and easy way for the candidates to apply for the vacancy. With this advanced plugin, you can create a Job announcement and publish that on your website. Potential Candidates then can apply directly by clicking on the Apply Now button on the announcement. Shortlist the candidates or reject them.

Just recruiting talent will not be successful if you cant keep that talent in the organization. To attract and retain talented people, you have to create a great work environment. And to create a great work environment, you should have tools to engage and nurture your qualified, hardworking team members.

Leave Management

Managing Leaves is so essential for an organization. Your employees will always have some life issues that will require some time off, and to keep employees healthy and happy, you should approve leaves to your employees.

In this plugin, your employees will have their own self-service portal, and every employee can access their account to see their request leave from the portal digitally.

You can create custom leave types. Approving Leave is so simple that managers can directly do it from the admin by clicking on a button. It reduces, or you can say almost replace paperwork and keeps all the crucial information on the cloud.

Training & Development

Training and development have a ripple effect on organizational performance.
An organization's ability to compete successfully in today's highly competitive
The market requires a talented pool of workers.

A company can only achieve and maintain this competitive advantage by constantly upgrading its workforce's skills. Training and development is a never-ending challenge that every organization must address. Training improves individual performance, which ultimately improves corporate performance.

With this plugin, you can manage the training and development program your company organizes. You can add a trainer and create training programs. Keep all the information regarding training in one place.

Payroll Management

We made payroll so much easier. Set up salaries with allowances and deductions. Enter the base salary, allowance, and deduction amount your employee should receive, and our software will figure out the gross amount you need to pay before taxes.
Run payroll and generate payslip within seconds. Create a payroll report and send the payslip to your employee directly in their inbox. The payslip will include the following:

  • Employee information, such as name, address, and tax number.
  • Employer information, including name and address
  • The dates of the pay period
  • Gross earnings or earnings before taxes, employee contributions, and deductions are taken out
  • Net pay is the total amount the employee takes home after deducting the taxes, contributions, and deductions from gross earnings.

There are numerous advantages of this plugin. Regardless of location, the "right" team for the job can be created, and decision-making tends to focus more on the facts than on emotional issues.

This plugin will land directly on our marketplace. Keep an eye here and get the robust plugin at an affordable launching price.

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