Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling


  • Client can book appointment through client portal
  • Admin/staff can set event type
  • Admin/staff can book appointment with client


This appointment scheduling plugin allows clients to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments through your business suite application's client portal. When your clients need to make an appointment, they log in to the client portal and choose an available date and time. 

On the backend, the admin sets event types by entering information regarding when clients can book the appointment, based on the business hours and the times and dates that the staff or resources are available. Admin can also schedule an appointment with clients.


This Plugin removes the manual, repetitive, tedious task related to managing schedules and let you focus on growing your business. Besides, this Plugin makes it super easy for business owners and managers to do their jobs, allowing you to streamline communication, centralize payments, and manage your clients.

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Please Note, This is not a standalone software, This is a Plugin and You will need CloudOnex Business Suite to use this.

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