What is the tech stack behind CloudOnex ?

The CloudOnex system is comprised of many different services and apps. We use our own application for accounting, client management, creating and managing invoices. We have also created a custom plugin to deliver the software we create. 

CloudOnex website: Our website is entirely powered by StackPie. This article you are reading now, the user guide you read after purchasing the business suite. The demo, pricing page, faq all the contents you see on our website is powered by StackPie.

Client Portal: We want to provide the best customer experience, you will find many self service options in our client portal. It’s also powered by StackPie. However, we have created a custom plugin to interact with stackpie. The update tools also known as CLX manage is connected to our custom plugin. Also translate tools is connected to our api so that it automatically sync with our software.

  • Store / Marketplace: Our store / plugins marketplace is powered by StackPie. 
  • Downloads: After purchasing our software, you are able to download our software from the client portal. We make sure you always get the latest files. If you go to downloads in your client portal you always see the latest version of business suite or any other downloadable applications you have purchased from us including the changelog. We have created a custom command line application for our developers. When an update is submitted via our command line application, first it goes to a live dev server where we can test it and from the dev server if we approve the update, it automatically updated to the StackPie backend via api and reflected on the client portal. 
  • Customer Support: For customer support we use StackPie as backend. 
  • Live chat: We use Crisp. 
  • Customer tracking: To know how our customers using our websites and services we use mixpanel. 
  • CDN & DNS: We use cloudflare. 
  • Payment Gateways: We use PayPal and Stripe
  • Accounting: StackPie also Business Suite
  • CRM: StackPie

Business Suite Main Application: CloudOnex business suite is written on php. To check the server requirements read here- https://www.cloudonex.com/business-suite/system-requirements