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We have added a new Feature called "Bills", You will find this under Accounting > Bills

Written by- Razib M . Updated- Jun 13 2020

Introducing Bills

We have added a new Feature called "Bills", You will find this under Accounting > Bills

As a business owner, you are account for things like monthly rent, internet bill, payroll, phone, hosting bill, yearly domain renewal fees, software subscriptions and many more. What if, you can manage all those bills using Software. Now you can do this with CloudOnex Business Suite. 

Why it's important ?

When running a business, you should know ahead of time what is the upcoming bills, what is the next date of subscription X or did you forget to pay a bill. You will find all the answers in Business Suite Bills Summary. 

What are the benefits ?

  • Never forget a bill.
  • Never pay a late fee.
  • Signed up for a Trial using your Credit Card, and planning to Cancel before subscription is expiring, never forget it. 
  • Well prepared for your upcoming transactions.

How it works ?

Go to "Bills" under Accounting. Now click Add a Bill to Add.

On Bills Summary, you will find all your Bills-

Upcoming Features

We have some more good news for upcoming weeks. Here is the road maps, we are working with-

  1. Budget, For your business, you need a Budget & use Business Suite to manage it.
  2. Mailbox
  3. We are updating this page with more features, so stay tuned.
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