Updating Business Suite

You can use built in update tools if you are using Business Suite v 3+

  • Login to your CloudOnex Dashboard - https://www.cloudonex.com/dashboard
  • Go to Update tools from the left navigation
  • Click Register a new app
  • Enter details, you will be able to generate api key from Settings  → API from your Business suite installation
  • It will be showing in the list
  • Click system info & it will show the current build number and will check the compabilities
  • You can perform other actions from here like database backups, files backups etc. [ Please note that your backup will be stored in your server, not in our server, it will just perform the backup using the API ]
  • You can click "Update application" button to update the application.
    [ In some case if your server has a timeout for request, you may not see the successful message, You can click the System Info button again later after few moments & check the build number to know if update was successful ]

If automatic update does not work, you can check this tutorial for manual update-

Performing a Manual Update