Meet The CloudOnex Team

These people work on making CloudOnex better.

Founder & CEO

Sadia Sharmin

Sadia has been with CloudOnex since its founding. At first she was software developer, launched our first product. Now as it's CEO, she is driving product creation that is changing the way of managing Business using Software. She holds a Masters Degree in Intellectual Property Law from the Uppsala University, Sweden.

Head of Product

James Boelter

As head of product, James leads CloudOnex’s product strategy, planning, and the management of the entire product organization, which includes product management, design, user research and business development. Prior to CloudOnex, James worked for the U.S.A.F. (Retired). James was also hired at Lokey Mercedes and Infiniti as their I.T. Director.

Full-Stack Developer

Razib M

Razib is responsible for the technical part of the CloudOnex and our Back-End infrastructure. He has vertical responsibilities and full understanding of servers and web services. Razib also make sure our customers get fast and informative responses to their technical questions via support channel.

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