Every new year we set new goals and start to forget them by the end of January, then we recall them after six months and think it’s too late now, and again promise to take action from the following year. And when 31st hits, we set the new set of goals that look like last year, and the same old thing repeats, and we lose year after year without achieving any of those goals. We lose motivation or get distracted very quickly, and it happens mainly because either the tasks are too boring or very hard. For example, exercising 30 minutes every day is boring, and studying machine learning algorithms is very hard.

So we tend to quit very quickly or never actually take action on our dreams. But dreams don’t die; they stay with us forever. So we lose motivation because we do not know how to achieve those, and we don’t have any plan. So we have to find a way so that we enjoy doing those tedious tasks.If we break down the process into a few tiny steps, it will be apparent that we can achieve anything with consistent work and the right mindset. All we need is the right strategy and perseverance and a fun way to do things to stay focused.

In this article, I will show you eight little steps you can take to achieve your dream. You can practice all the eight steps with our productivity management tool focus.

The first step is to slow down, meditate and take some moments to be grateful.

We get so busy achieving the next thing and forget to appreciate what we have now; we forget to remind ourselves how far we have come, how much we have already achieved. So take a moment and enjoy what you have right now. Did you notice that you have something now that you have prayed for before? Hell yeah, right.Take some time to reflect on how far you have come, what transformation you brought into your life, how much you grew as a person. And write those down. Writing 3 to 4 things you are grateful for daily has a tremendous impact on your mental health and overall well-being.

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Taking care of your health is the first thing you should do, believe me, we can have all the money in the world, but you would not feel happy for a single bit if you are sick.Now, do a little exercise with me, keep one of your hands on your heart and the other to your belly, now take a long deep breath and see how you are feeling; I am sure you are already feeling grateful. Right? Hurrah!!!

We often take small regular things for granted. But the covid-19 pandemic taught us how important those little ordinary things are, such as going out to buy groceries, going on vacation, going out with friends, socializing. These were normal before the pandemic, but now we learned that even those everyday things are no longer normal.

Practice five-minute journaling with focus.

Start your day by saying something positive to yourself, such as you are supported, loved, and trusted. But, most importantly, you are amazing at what you do, and you are capable of achieving the things you want.

Write a short sentence of 2 to 3 things for what you are grateful for
For example

  • I am thankful for the coffee I enjoyed with my breakfast.
  • I am thankful for the internet as it allows me to work from home.

Answer the rest of the questions; this is the start of the fantastic journey you will embark on, which is on to achieving your damn big goals.

The second step is to write your big goals and dreams down.

The power of writing concise goals is so underrated. Read every self-help book in the world and look into high achievers’ daily habits; you will find that almost every book emphasizes the importance of writing your goals down. Goals have to be concise and exactly how you want them to turn into; the detailed, the better.
For Example

  • I want to launch my business by July 2022.
  • I want to have five customers by October 2022.
  • I want to learn one programming language and build a product by April 2023.

Sub goals or to-dos

Breaking down bigger goals into small to-do lists is so crucial. There is a beautiful quote by Tom Sachs.

“Your list is your past and your future. Carry at all times. Prioritize: today, this week, and eventually. You will someday die with items still on your list, but for now, while you live, your list helps prioritize what can be done in your limited time.” Making a list will keep you out of anxiety, as you will not have the overwhelming feeling of an uncountable amount of tasks. Next, give yourself a milestone to achieve and keep a list, and finally, the urgency to ticking those off will make it more enjoyable to reach your goal.

Break down goals into small to-dos.
For example, the to-dos of the following goal

“I want to launch my business by July 2022.” will look something like this-


  • Research product and service I am going to offer.
  • Write a business plan
  • Register business
  • Open a business bank account

When you tick off these to-dos, you have already achieved one of your goals.

The third step is to daydream and keep a vision board.

Barbara Corcoran, the Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, said,

“Keep your vision clear and don’t stop daydreaming.”

Yes, you heard it right. It is essential to daydream and manifest. Give yourself permission to daydream. Visualize how you want to live your life. While daydreaming, visualize how you want to feel, what steps you want to take to get closer to achieve your dreams. Manifesting is not just the thinking of your dream cars or houses; it’s the bridge or the pathway from where you are to where you want to go.

Of course, keeping big houses and fancy cars on the vision board is helpful, but that is not the sole element of manifesting. The right kind of daydreaming and manifesting is thinking about the irritating steps you will need to take, but you will get through all those steps with courage and confidence. So wonder forward, imagine launching your dream business, waking up happy, working to grow your business, who knows one day your company might be listed on Nasdaq.

The fourth step is to plan for your goals.

Writing a concise plan for your goals will increase the chance of you taking action on it. When you start to write a plan for your goals, you will suddenly realize how many ideas you get to reach your goals. It’s amazing. You can try this, write down something that you are feeling worried about and then start writing how you will approach the situation without feeling worried; you will be surprised that you will actually find a solution, if not precisely even if you take actions around them your problems that you are worrying about will go away.

For example, your goal is to be a data scientist. Write down the steps on how you plan to be a data scientist.

The plan might look something like the following.


  • Learn one Programming Language very well, such as Python or R.
  • Be part of a Data Scientist Community such as Kaggle.
  • Start taking part in the Kaggle Competition.
  • Learn from peers by being a member of a team.
  • Contribute to the Community and Network.
  • Aim to be Kaggle Grandmaster.
  • Prepare for Job Interviews.
  • Give interviews.
  • Don’t give up until you land your dream job.


The fifth step is to make learning a lifelong habit.

Leonardo da Vinci made “to-learn” lists. He would wake up in the morning and write down everything he wanted to learn that day.This step is the most important one. Only this step is capable of turning your dream into reality. You can learn anything, at any age and from any background. In today’s world, when all the resources are available freely online, all you need is a clear intention and commitment.

Don’t limit yourself thinking you are too old to learn any subject. You can come from any background and learn anything to become anything. If you can make learning a habit for personal enjoyment, you will become invincible. Solving problems is the fun of life. Otherwise, life would be so dull. Learn from people who have done that. Honestly, a Real business person can teach you more than a lecturer in the university, as they have first-hand experience.

Learn your way to success. Learn a new skill that will help you achieve your goal. For example, you might want to start a business so learn about business, take a basic business course that covers all aspects of the business from writing a business plan to acquiring customers, finding investors, etc. By the way, the built-in business plan feature in focus makes it so easy to write a business plan.Or you might want to learn to code. Find resources online and look for places where programmers hang out, learn from them. For example, you hang out in GitHub or StackOverflow.

The sixth step is to take notes and document your learnings.

While you read something, take notes; taking notes is an effective way of learning. Whenever you come across any materials that catch your attention and are aligned with your dreams, take notes of them. For example, if you are learning to code, then take notes of the common command that you have to use all the time, such as git commands so that you do not need to spend 30 minutes finding the command online next time. Listen to me, take notes of those common commands, and it will save a lot of time, and you will also remember those next time you need them. Thank me later.

The seventh step is to apply your learning to real-life problems.

You learn better when you understand the real-world implications. Start a personal project, apply your learnings and create something out of it. These small improvements and incremental progress will lead you to your goals. Perhaps you can build a website if you learned HTML, make a machine learning model if you learned python, or launch your business if it’s your goal and you have done some research on it. The main thing is to utilize your learning, give them an expression.

The eighth-step is to go back to step one and believe in yourself.

Repeat from rule one. Consistency is the ultimate secret of achieving anything; You have to stick to it until you reach it. Never give up; you can do this take simple steps towards your dreams. You need to pass through a ton of irritating tasks to reach your goals. Pass through it and be the changemaker.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Increase the level of focus and productivity. Keeping confidence in yourself will give you the certainty you need to navigate through the uncertainty in life. “If you’re worried about the price of getting started, you should see the cost of staying exactly where you are.”You deserve to have everything you desire, and nobody else will give it to you but you. Show up For yourself. Be kind. Believe in yourself, and go make your dream come true. We are rooting for you and cheering for you.

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